#jan25, A Dream

This is a dream I had the early morning of 2011 January 28. I think it was in retrospect of watching the protest in Egypt on Al Jazeera English.

I appeared on site of some protest. It looked like a small freeway exchange, with bridges above my head and below the road where I and many people were crowded. But where cars once drove, there were people talking and moving about. I walked towards a small group; they were friends, but I don’t know who they were. Suddenly I heard a small crowd behind me scream and yell in a very distinctive way. I turned my head to the sounds and I saw a few armed police officers walking up the road towards my location. I turned back and I started to run. At my dismay, I started running towards another police officer, one that hadn’t caught my attention. I think from his perspective it looked like I was running towards him to attack. But I wouldn’t ever find out. He pointed his handgun at me and fired four rounds. I remember one bullet hitting my left arm, one in my chest, and two in my lower abdomen. I remember spinning around and falling to the ground in a seated position, watching my white shirt turn red. There wasn’t a thought more in my head. I had been shot.

Brainstorming tangents

I wonder if I am more or less emotional about varying topics because my brain has greater or fewer neural networks that integrate said topics into correlating responses. After all, depending on how much one cares about someone or something, they are probably more likely to spend more time thinking about said idea, reinforcing a larger, more diverse, and heavily integrated neural network.