Questions about information

For some clarification, Dr. Luciano Floridi’s five identified types of information are Primary, Secondary, Meta, Operational, and Derivative. Floridi also defines Biological Information as being composed of Information As Reality, Information For Reality, and/or Information About Reality.


  1. Is objective information composed more of one of the five types of information over any of the others? Can the five types be broken down into percentages depending on the semantic media?
  2. How do subjective information and objective information affect the five types of information? and vice-versa?
  3. What type of the five types of information affect the trend of semantic media?
  4. Do various information types of the five types of information create any more or less information entropy?
  5. Does the diversity or order of the five various types of information affect information entropy?
  6. Is it possible to identify the gaps between data and information in semantic media, depending on the type of information, either biological information or the five types of information?
  7. Is it possible to detect the types of information of the five types present in a piece of semantic media?
  8. How persuasive is one information type, of the five types, over another?
  9. To what degree does biological information affect the five types of information?
  10. Is it possible to use one or many types of information to strategically develop information warfare operations?
  11. Do the five types of information change as they are perceived by a biological entity which is required to perceive information as one or many types of biological information?
  12. Does understanding the information type affect ones ability to understand information in a more objective sense?
  13. How do we extract wanted information from all perceived information, of Floridi’s various information types?
  14. How do we extract primary information from secondary information? and vice-versa? (there are many iterations)
  15. What types of information, of the five types, persuades a user of that information to ask more questions rather than make more assumptions? and vice-versa?
  16. What percentage of the five information types create more perceived information entropy, information, and contradictory information? Can semantic media be broken down into these categories?
  17. Does information entropy shift as one learns more? How does information entropy change and how is it affected by biological information and the five information types?
  18. Is it feasible to track the behavior of information in semantic media?
  19. Does semantic information have strong relationships with biological information? Can it be understood using complex adaptive systems analysis?
  20. Is there a dualism to Floridi’s five information types in semantic media?
  21. Is it feasible to minimize or maximize the use of meta information, except when in support of primary information, to better produce disinformation? (there are many iterations)
  22. Is it possible to systematically or systemically organize meta information as primary information, secondary information as primary information, etc? (there are many iterations)

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