Experimenting with personal storage encryption

Lately I’ve been playing around with different ways of encrypting my PC for fun, but not in ways that require a lot of time to get going. I am pretty comfortable with my current setup. All passwords are at a minimum 32-bits and complicated.

1. Instal Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate on a PC with a TPM chip
2. Encrypt with Microsoft BitLocker
3. Set BIOS and boot passwords
4. Install TrueCrypt and create two xxGB partitions, mount them both
5. Install VirtualBox and create an Ubuntu VM. Store the virtual-image file in one of the TrueCrypt containers
6. Move / link all of your user account folders (desktop, downloads, pictures, videos, documents, etc) onto the other TrueCrypt container

Each time you boot in to Windows you’ll need to mount the TrueCrypt container with your account’s folders, then log out / log in for Windows to link them properly. For someone that frequently re-installs Windows, this setup makes it easy to keep my files backed up and encrypted. Oh, and seamless mode in VirtualBox is pretty cool.

Happy hacking


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