25 days of Tor exit routing

11 terabytes of traffic with my current torrc configuration.

Related to an earlier blog post, I changed my domain from torexit.yawnbox.com to tor.anon.is. I also contacted my ISP to add the reverse DNS, so now I’m “named“.

Following clarification on the Tor IRC channel, I closed up some open inbound ports via iptables that didn’t need to be open:

“inbound you only have to open your dirport and orport for tor to function”

“outbound you shouldn’t disallow anything”

So, using UFW, I adjusted my iptables rules as such:

$ sudo ufw status verbose
 Status: active
 Logging: on (low)
 Default: deny (incoming), allow (outgoing)
 New profiles: skip
To                         Action      From
 --                         ------      ----
 22                         LIMIT       Anywhere
 9030                       ALLOW       Anywhere
 9001                       ALLOW       Anywhere
 80/tcp                     ALLOW       Anywhere

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