Password Reset

Hello Company,

Can you please assist me with resetting my account password for the company customer portal? I don’t know how I answered my “security questions”. I never use the same answers since answering the same question at multiple locations (like my bank, etc) is no different than using a password twice, just these ones an attacker could actually figure out just by finding the right information.

If security is important to you, you should look into multi-factor authentication, and not simply increase the amount of passwords a person has to type in. Please forward this suggestion to Jane Doe, your CIO, who apparently designed the company customer portal.

By the way, when you disallow web browsers to remember my randomly-generated passwords, it gets in the way of my workflow. I must have saved the password in clear-text somewhere but instead now I’m spending my employer’s time emailing you for help.


[changed for privacy]


2 thoughts on “Password Reset”

  1. Did you write this? I like sending preformatted text as activism.

    When I write something like this I generally do two things – one is that I ask whoever receives the letter to send it to someone else or ask someone else about some point in it, and two I ask for a reply to something. The way this is written no reply is requested and it leaves them the option to send a bland response.

    1. Yes, to a vendor that my employer uses. I didn’t expect a response pertaining to the “flaw”… Just a password reset link which I later received.

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