Layered email security

There are two takeaways from CloudFlare‘s ( recent security breach that are outstanding pieces of actionable information.


Ensure your password on your email account is extremely strong and not used on any other services…



…using an out-of-band authentication that doesn’t rely on the phone company’s network (e.g., Google Authenticator App, not SMS or voice verification).

If you already have two-factor authentication ( turned on for your Gmail or Google Aps account, you likely have a cell phone number or a landline number in use. It’s really easy to remove the number once you are using the Google Authenticator ( app. If you have a rooted phone like me, and enjoy reflashing your phone to try out new roms or mods, be sure to deactivate two-factor authentication before you purge your apps!

If you aren’t using two-factor authentication… may the internet gods be with you XD


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