Reginald Holmes on Police Brutality

“This is a situation that is happening, Amy, here in Denver; but as you well know, it’s happening all over this country. Police officers are the only people that we give a free pass when they exercise a lapse in judgement. And I don’t think we can continue to do that. We must hold them accountable. Yes, it’s a dangerous job, but you know it’s a dangerous job when you take the job. We don’t give the mechanic a free pass for a lapse in judgement. We don’t give the surgeon a free pass when there’s a lapse in judgement. But we continue, throughout this country– District Attorneys–continue to give police officers these free passes for their lapse in judgement.”

As seen on Democracy Now!

We Created the Very Threat We Claim to be Fighting

the United States, through its policies, created the very threat that it claims to be fighting now, and in continuing this policy, what President Obama is doing is embracing the very lies that made the Cheney-Bush Iraq War possible. And in the process, he’s creating yet another generation of people in the Islamic world who are going to grow up in a society where they believe that their religion is being targeted, where they believe that the United States is a gratuitous enemy.

As stated by Jeremy Scahill on Democracy Now!