Wikipedia continues to violate my privacy

I’ve been a small part of Wikipedia’s community since 2006. In July of 2012, I wrote to Wikipedia requesting that my username be grated permission to edit Wikipedia via the Tor network, in order to further protect my physical location. I kindly explained that I was a participant of the Washington State Address Confidentiality Program, citing Washington State RCW 40.24 and offering a photocopy of my A.C.P. identification card. I even went into detail, which I didn’t feel I legally needed to do, about me and my family being victims of extreme domestic violence. Here’s their response:

Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 11:17 AM

Hello Yawnbox,

Our privacy policy is very strict. When you edit Wikipedia when logged in to your account, nobody will generally be able to get any information from your IP address. The only few people have access to this information are only allowed to access this information under very specific situations. These people are personally identified to the Wikimedia Foundation, and their work is checked for violations of the stict access rules. For the policy pertaining to these people, see ser Also consider that it is possible to connect to Wikipedia through https, securing communications even further.

This means that as long as you are logged in to your account, no information is ever public. Our policy on IP Block exempts shows that there needs to be (quoting our policy) “highly exceptional circumstances”. I do realize that your circumstances are indeed exceptional, and that it is a bit of a hassle to turn off your VPN/TOR to edit wikipedia, but seeing that we have strong means in place to protect your privacy, I can’t say that your need to reach Wikipedia specifically through an anonymizing proxy or TOR is exceptional.

In other words, your clearly exceptional need for privacy doesn’t demonstrate an exceptional need to edit Wikipedia through VPN or TOR. Therefor, I am currently denying your request for an IP Block exempt to be used for anonymous proxy editing.

Kind regards,
M. H.
English Wikipedia Administrator