Custom stamp for my Signal fingerprint

I ordered a self-inking, custom, wood “1.25 x 2 Rubber Stamp” from I ordered it on a Monday and got it the following Thursday.

Text Line 1: +1.XXX.XXX.XXXX
Text Line 2: 05 b8 6d 44 95 5c 5b 6b f5
Text Line 3: 61 09 22 33 05 b2 c4 c5 db
Text Line 4: f3 85 4a 4b a1 e8 aa 12 36
Text Line 5: 70 20 19 00 0e 4c .. .. ..

Font: Courier New (for all lines)
Justification: L (for all lines)
Style: Bold (for the first line only)

Ink: (added separately) Versafine, crimson red

I added the “.. .. ..” at the end because the preview seemed like it was going to auto adjust toward the center a little bit. I did this to be safe, but it might not be needed.

With 3-5 business days shipping, the total was $29.12.



Card (before)

Card (after)

Highly recommended!