Sharif Abdel Kouddous on #GazaUnderAttack and Drones

“Well the buzzing is an ever-present sound in Gaza. It’s the sound of drones overhead; surveillance drones, some of them are attack drones that are always there. Even when the shelling stops and the bombardment stops, you always hear the drones. It’s very hard psychologically, because it’s an ever-present noise and you kind of feel that you’re being watched all the time. Also today, our driver and journalist working with us–Palestinians–said they received robocalls–automated calls–today with threats from the Israeli military. One of them saying “You terrorist, you know that plane overhead, you’re the target.” And other one at a house that said “Oh terrorist, you hear the sound of this tank” and then the sound of a loud boom. So there’s also an element of psychological warfare that is being played on Palestinians in Gaza that is ongoing.”

As seen on Democracy Now!